Ideas into Action

Michelle McGrann is a seasoned trainer and coach specializing in communications and leadership. As a Coeus Creative Group founding partner, she has helped build a growing company, giving workshops and talks to audiences stretching around the globe. Using a blend of experience, research, and behavior-based skill development, Michelle helps people and organizations discover immediately actionable strategies to accomplish their goals. Her personal and authentic speaking style motivates and empowers participants to move past self-doubt and implement the changes they want to see.

Michelle is a talented, outgoing and effective coach who is leading the charge for the next generation of leaders.

Michelle’s passion for assisting people and organizations discover “AHA!” moments comes through in every session she gives. Michelle truly takes an audience-centered approach – utilizing best practices in communication and instructional design principles. She dedicates herself to providing the value clients seek, taking painstaking effort to customize her methodology to help them achieve their goals.


Working with Michelle is an easy process. She is flexible, low maintenance, and delivers an experience that will have the attendees motivated and empowered from the moment they leave the room. If you want your attendees to walk away from your event with that “WOW” factor, look no further and connect with Michelle today!

Here are a few sample sessions to demonstrate some of the value you can bring to your participants.

ISACA Oceania Conference, Australia

Behave Intelligently: Behavior is the Root of All Success and Failure

ASPAC Conference, Kagoshima, Japan
Facilitator (Train the Trainer)

European Leadership Conference, Riga, Latvia
Facilitator (Train the Trainer)

European Leadership Conference, Basil, Switzerland
Facilitator (Train the Trainer)

Junior Chamber International World Congress, Yokohama, Japan
JCI Explore (Leadership and Administration)

Junior Chamber International World Congress, Tallinn, Estonia
Behavioral Elements and Leadership

Transformational Leadership

Building Effective Messages for Successful Advocacy

Boost Your Business Entrepreneurship Workshop, Edinburgh, Scotland
Finding the Right Clients

American Development Council National Presidents Meeting, Brazil
Making Online Training More Engaging

Succession Planning

Mongolian Trainers Academy, Mongolia
Online Train the Trainer

Bangladesh Leadership Academy, Bangladesh

Persuasion and Influence Strategies

Minnesota Leadership Conferences, Minnesota
Personal Branding

Managing Competing Priorities

Diversity and Inclusion


Difficult Conversations

JCI Rochester Area, Rochester, Michigan
Transformational Leadership

Clare Area Jaycees Professional Training, Clare, Michigan
Critical Thinking for Leaders

Dealing with Difficult People

Michelle is a true professional and provides engaging and informative training sessions that are relevant to your professional and personal goals.

JCI Michigan Training Day, Lansing, Michigan

Leadership Styles


Living Your Best Self Workshop Series– Women with Poise and Power, Livonia, Michigan

Living Confident: Kicking Glass & Succeeding on Our Terms

Living Adventurous: The Delicate Art of Work-Life Balance

Living Fearless: Building Your Network and the Power of Your Girl Tribe

Living Brave: Finding and Owning Your Voice

JCI USA Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado


JCI USA Celebration of the Century, St. Louis, Missouri

Behaviors for Conflict Resolution

Wayne State University Institute of Gerontology, Michigan

Human Trafficking

Difficult Conversations

Health Literacy

Coeus Training Series, Livonia, Michigan

Storytelling – Creating Compelling Narratives

Building Effective Trainings – Best Practices in Instructional Design

Each for Equal – How our Behavior can Improve Gender Equality and Inclusion

Getting to Yes: Boosting Your Sales and Marketing with Persuasion

More Than Just a LinkedIn Profile: Building Professional Networks Online

Training Online: A Virtual Train the Trainer for Online Delivery

Transformational Leadership

Social Media: Mastering Your Content to Drive Behavior

Making the Most Out of Social Media Marketing