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Improve Your Behaviors, Improve Your Life

For the past 10 years, I have worked with people across the world to help them understand their behaviors and the behaviors of other people. I have helped thousands of participants learn to influence others behaviors and control their own – all in a quest to help them behave more intelligently.

Improving your behavior, improving your communication, improving your reality – that takes action. Behavior is a choice. And I help every individual understand what choices that they can make to get where they want to be.


Michelle uses her personal and authentic speaking style to motivate and empower participants. Using a blend of experience, research, and behavior-based skill development, Michelle helps people and organizations discover immediately actionable strategies to accomplish their goals. From small groups to packed auditoriums, in-person or online, she focuses on improving her audiences behaviors and developing their skills.


An organization’s success relies on the skills of its people. Michelle uses her decades of expertise on human behavior to provide award-winning workshops on a variety of topics. From small groups to packed rooms, in-person or online, she focuses on improving her audiences behaviors and developing their skills. Michelle’s approach keeps audiences engaged and entertained in all situations, ranging from short seminars to multi-day sessions!


Michelle’s passion is empowering organizations to make bold changes and transform their dreams into realities. With over 15 years of experience in effective change management and efficient project management in organizations of all sizes, she understands what it will take to realize your ideas. Michelle’s understanding of behavior, motivation, and effective communication practices will help you and your stakeholders exceed your next milestone. 

Featured Clients

No Matter Your Business - the common denominator is people

Skill Development

Participants leave with immediately usable skills that they can apply in their everyday life. Knowledge without application is only education – each session is grounded in real-life examples.

Available Worldwide

In-person, virtual, hybrid – convenient options exist no matter your event needs. Discounted speaker fees are also available depending on event locations and desire to travel.

Make Your Life Easier

Events can be stressful enough without worrying about your speaker. Past clients can attest that is easy to book, easy to schedule, and adaptable for changing circumstances.


Gary Bulson

My company has sent several employees to different trainings that Michelle and her company offer. Michelle was by far one of the best speakers and or trainers that we have

Laura Reiners

Michelle is a talented, outgoing and effective coach who is leading the charge for the next generation of leaders. Michelle inspires new and innovative approaches among her team members, encouraging

Jessica Haynes

Michelle is a true professional and provides engaging and informative training sessions that are relevant to your professional and personal goals. I worked with Michelle to provide high-quality training sessions

Jackie Calixte

I met Michelle thru a networking event in the Farmington Area and have forever been transformed! Michelle is amazing at what she does. A true professional and talented speaker. Kind,